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Dr. Wessinger’s globally recognized research and 5 years of implementation experiences have allowed the Retention Partners team to pinpoint a progression that optimizes your growth with millennial employees, clients and members. The 3 tiered progression begins with valid data, followed by strategy development and action steps.

Utilizing the tested progression and guiding thousands of leaders through the development of a strategy to secure growth with millennials, we developed the Small Group Strategy Lab for your leadership team. You are the beneficiary of the +36k voices in Dr. Wessinger’s research and 5 years of  successful implementation experiences. Instead of waiting in the queue for 6 months, you have immediate access to develop a relevant strategy to secure growth and fortify revenue with millennial employees, clients and members. 
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The Challenge
Although millennials are widely viewed as a threat to organizations of all sizes; Dr. Wessinger’s proprietary information reveals they are positioned to be the greatest opportunity of growth in the history of your organization. Yet only 22% of all companies have an informed strategy to attract, engage, and retain millennial employees and clients.
The Solution

Leaders (C-suites) throughout the world define our research and implementation experience as the foremost proprietary information on growth and revenue with millennial employees and clients.

We help you secure growth and fortify revenue by solving your workforce crisis.

We defuse the threat of your workforce crisis by using our proprietary information and implementation experience to guide you to a sustainable growth strategy

“Dr. Wessinger is THE global expert on millennials! His proprietary information, ability to communicate the information, and strategy development are unrivaled. Fifteen years from now corporate and nonprofit leaders who implemented his research will view him as the one who saved them from falling off a cliff.”
Leon Drennan, former President of HCA (world’s largest hospital corporation) and current CEO of Vision Leadership Foundation 
Due to Dr. Wessinger’s undeniable impact on our growth in the West Florida executive team, we have been using him and his learning modules for 4 years to help our clients and community grow with millennials.”
Jim Daly, President of West Florida Region, Truist Bank, Tampa 
"Dr. Wessinger's research on millennials is the most pure and focused research on any generation that I’ve ever seen. If leaders want to survive this current generational transition, they should immediately embed his proven outcomes into their structure!”
Cal Martin, the former CEO & owner of Gallup Corporation 
“Dr. Wessinger’s research and ability to communicate are essential for every faith-based nonprofit organization struggling to survive and grow.”
Dan Davis, President of Mission Increase, Portland, Oregon
“Dr. Wessinger’s impact on our mortgage division is unparalleled. We have utilized his    communication skills, proprietary information, and experience to help thousands of mortgage brokers, title companies, real estate brokers, and real estate agents successfully reach and    surpass their growth goals.”
Darryl Derwort, VP Senior Vice President, Mortgage, Truist
“Dr. Wessinger’s strategy with millennial employees was a key factor of why we survived and grew through a global pandemic. As a nationwide automotive company, we only hire millennials, which has been a monumental struggle since our inception. Based on our results with Dr. Wessinger’s strategy I recommended him to the CEO Council and clients across the country, all of which were ecstatic about his guidance.”
Rick Sorrells, COO-Pinnacle Automotive, Baltimore 
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We offer a customized millennial retention, engagement and attraction strategy development program for your company. This includes a three day on site leadership training and C-suite reporting of findings and consulting sessions, as well as all training materials and leave behind strategy guides as well as leadership presentation guides.
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Solve younger generational retention by calling us at (800) 965-3628
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